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Network is the Swiss organization for gay managers, self-employed persons, artists and students. The association has more than 350 members in the regions Basel, Berne, Geneva, Central Switzerland, Lausanne, Eastern Switzerland/FL and Zurich. Since its foundation in 1995, the members of network stand up for openness, respect, diversity and equal rights in the field of politics, culture, economy and social welfare. We are glad that we can always count on the support and interest from Network, when it comes to organizing major events! We aim to organize a common networking event once per semester


 Wybernet is an association domiciled in Zurich. The association offers lesbian professionals a networking platform. The platform continues to grow and currently exists of regional networks in Basel, Berne, Central Switzerland, St.Gallen, Thurgau and Zurich. Moreover, it develops links to other national and international professional networks, women’s groups and LGBT organizations in Switzerland and abroad.

We are very pleased to have Wybernet as a partner for common events and further support!


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