What's the difference between sexuality and gender? Why are pronouns are important? And are all gay people queer? If you ever asked yourself any of these questions or would generally like to learn more about the LGBT+ community, then this event is for you!


A group of LGBT+ individuals has voluntereed to answer your questions regarding coming out, sexuality and gender, sex and being LGBT+ in public. 

When and where?

Come join us as we explore the in's and out's of the rainbow family at TheCo (Müller-Friedberg-Str. 6) on Thursday, 8th Oct 2020, starting at 7pm. Since seating everyone might take time, please make sure to arrive on time. 

How can I join?

Please fill out the following registration form

UniGay | Dufourstrasse 50 | Postfach 20 | 9000 St. Gallen

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