Join the projecT team to make the HSG more INCLUSIVE

In 2020, we have managed to make a very strong statement for diversity and inclusion on the HSG campus. Rainbow flags and pins could be discovered all over the university. We have reached over 2.6 m media impression, distributed 1000 pins on the campus and about 750 cookies to the public of St.Gallen. Numerous feedbacks show that we have touched hundreds of hearts. With the first edition of the Pride Month @HSG we have founded a new tradition and this calls for a new project team. SAVE THE DATE: 4th - 22nd October 2021

Why join the Pride Month @HSG project team?

  • impact: you can be part of one of the most visible change initiatives on the HSG campus. Your work is visible to the whole HSG community (students, staff, alumni and the public) and leaves a lasting impression. You shape the future of the HSG culture.
  • leadership: Pride Month @HSG is much more than a project. Pride is a movement that inspires, you are the leader of it.
  • experience: you gain valuable experience in project management, strategic thinking and marketing. This is a perfect project to advertise yourself in the recruitment process for internships and entry level positions.
  • network: you will get to know many new internal and external people.

Who are we looking for?

As all team members from 2020 will no longer study at the HSG in fall 2021, we are looking for:

  • 1 project leader: you are responsible for the project towards the University and Unigay. You create a project plan and make sure that the team is on track in terms of strategy, timing and budget. You will also be 
  • 3-4 project members: together with the project leader you will develop ideas and subprojects for the Pride Month @HSG 2021. Everyone will be fully responsible for some subprojects according to skills and motivation.


  • You have time for this project: you have quite some time left for the Pride Month @HSG especially in October 2021. During spring term and summer 2021 your workload is not very high and you are flexible in the timing of it.

Recruiting process:

  1. Apply until 15th January 2021 by filling out the application form (you need to login with your or email account to be able to see and submit the application form).
  2. We will schedule an individual Zoom call with all applicants between 18th and 31st January.
  3. Project start for the new team is week 6 or 7 of 2021.


  • organise events: events are an integral part of the Pride Month @HSG. They vary in their purpose (e.g. education, entertainment, getting together, ...) and their target audience (e.g. HSG students, staff, public, ...).
  • stakeholder participation (on campus): make sure that all relevant stakeholders on the HSG campus (e.g. HSG administration units, Students' Union, student clubs, ...) are inspired to join the Pride Month @HSG movement within their possibilities.
  • regional impact: get in touch with the canton of St.Gallen, local and national LGBT+ organisations to bring Pride Month to the public of St.Gallen and to organise activities with them.
  • create campaign assets: for various channels (e.g. posters, social media, website, infoscreens, ...) with a strong visual impact to spread the Pride Month's message.
  • communication: preparation of media releases, issue management and media relation.
  • fundraising: collect funds for the project and assuring fulfilment of the respective duties.
  • buying: you buy rainbow pins, flags etc 
  • coordination: have the overview over the whole project including budget

There are no functions such as "marketing" etc. Tasks will be distributed within the team according to interests, skills and workload. The list above is not complete but provides you with an overview.

Looking forward to get to know the next generation of change makers!

If you have questions, feel free to contact Andreas Oberholzer via email (, LinkedIn or Instagram (@hashtag_andreas).

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