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UniGay events are at the main part of our association: we build a platform for people of the LGBTQ+ Community and Allies. There are many accepting and LGBTQ+ friendly companies and we will get you in touch with them. Company visits and recruiting events are part of our semester program and we work closely with the board of the GetConnected and the mentoring program (learn more here).


UniGay has members with many different backgrounds. We host events that make it possible to get to know everyone in an informal setting. UniGay is a safe space. We promise you will neither feel unwelcome nor alone. In addition, the GetConnected Mentoring program offers a platform for the cross-generational exchange between students and professionals. 

Be Proud

UniGay is the voice of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) community at HSG and contact point for any matters regarding LGBTQ+ related topics of students. We foster the open dealing with queer topics in and outside the student life. You are new at the University? You don't feel fully comfortable with your sexuality? Doesn't matter, we have members who feel the same!

what about after hsg?

No matter if your studies have ended or you're moving on from St. Gallen, we're sad to see you go. To remove you from our mailing list and put you in contact with UniGay alumni if you're interested, it would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out 

the linked form here


Thank you for your time as a member at UniGay!


Events this semester

Springsemster 2023 looks pretty fun, finally full events without any restrictions! See all the events here and get live updates by keeping up with our instagram!!! - see u around, unigay.

Common questions

I'm not Outed. Can I join unigay?

Of course you can! Not everyone in our club is outed. If you wish not to be on any pictures we post, you can contact the board at any time. You can send us a photo of yourself (only for internal purpose!) and we will check if you are in any of the pictures before we post them. If we host an event in public that you don't feel comfortable attending, you obviously don't have to! There will still be plenty of events during every semester that are only open for our members. And last but not least: If you don't feel comfortable being seen with us at University, you don't have to come talk to us. We will understand :)

Won't it be super awkward to join unigay as a newbie?

If you want to join UniGay and you want to make sure you're not the only new member, our advice is to join us at the General Assembly at the start of every semester. We usually have 10-20 new members every semester, so we're sure you won't feel awkward! You can also contact the board if you want to get to know us before attending an event. We can meet at a cafè and you can get to know someone of the board first. If you don't feel comfortable going to an event by yourself, also let us know. We can meet somewhere beforehand and go there together!

Do I have to pay the membership fee immediately after the first event i attended?

No, if you would like to attend an event just to see if you eventually want to join UniGay, you can do that at any time during the semester. We would be thankful to receive your membership fee of CHF 20.- when you either signed up as a member or when you attend events regularly.

Don't hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do for you. We want you to feel safe!

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